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Presentation Materials by Primary Author

Loren Ayers From Picasso to Da Vinci: What is the Resource Monitoring Picture in Wisconsin?

Jeff Bode Citizen Lake Monitoring - Status & Trends

Mary Jane Bumby Self-Help Monitoring - A Wisconsin Lake

Cory Counard-MacNulty LoonWatch

Dana Curtiss Creating a Successful Statewide Monitoring Program: Recommendations from Ten Years Experience of the Illinois EcoWatch Network

Danielle Donkersloot NJ Watershed Watch Network: A Collaborated Effort Between the Volunteer Community and the NJ Department of Environmental Protection    [Handout ]

Miles Falck Utilizing the Internet and GIS to Coordinate Regional Control Efforts for Purple Loosestrife

Laura Felda-Marquardt Clean Boats, Clean Waters a Fighting Chance!

Dale Luecht An Overview of Volunteer Stream Monitoring and Lake Monitoring in Region 5 States (IL, IN, OH, MI, MN & WI) as of February 2004    [Handout ]

Mike Miller Water Action Volunteers' Citizen Stream Monitoring Program

Karen Oberhauser The Monarch Larva Monitoring Project

Erin O'Brien Community-Based Water Quality Monitoring: A Viable Path to Cleaner Water

Andy Paulios Birders as Citizen Scientists: Past, Present & Future

Mark Schwartz Building a State and National Phenological Network

Jeremy Solin Wisconsin School Forests: Opportunities for Student Monitoring

Russ Tooley and Doug Rossberg Citizen Monitoring - Keys to Success

Nancy Turyk Volunteer Water Monitoring Support through the UWSP Center for Watershed Science and Education

Paul Tweed Wisconsin NatureMapping

Volunteer Monitoring Task Force Results and Recommendations from the Survey of Wisconsin Volunteer Monitoring Programs

Suzanne Wade Water Action Volunteers' Citizen Stream Monitoring Program

Paul West Designing a Statewide Volunteer Monitoring Program

Jane Wiedenhoeft and Sarah Boles Counting Wolves and Other Carnivores (with a little help from our friends)

Other Materials

Scott Dye Sierra Club Water Sentinels Program
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