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2016 Conference Presentation Slides

Please note: The information contained in these presentations is the property of the presenters and to be used for individual informational purposes only. No part of these presentations are to be reused or reprinted without obtaining permission from the presenter.

Andrew Badje - WiDNR
(0.89 MB)

Patricia Cicero - Jefferson County Land and Water Conservation Department
(1.11 MB)

Lisie Kitchel - WiDNR
(1.36 MB)

Eva Lewandowski - WiDNR
(1.80 MB)

Christina Locke - WiDNR
(0.88 MB)

Lucas Olson - WiDNR
(1.44 MB)

Lauren Salvato - North American Lake Management Society
(2.27 MB)

Nancy Sheehan - The Rock River Coalition
(1.64 MB)

Jennifer Stenglein - WiDNR
(3.65 MB)

Kris Stepenuck - University of Vermont
(1.37 MB)

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