Starting a Program

link to Monitoring Chapter
Wisconsin Wildlife Action Plan
A statewide plan for conserving rare and declining species. Includes information on species of greatest conservation need, species with information needs, conservation threats, and monitoring and other conservation strategies.

link to Safe Waters, Healthy Waters document
Safe Waters, Healthy Waters: A Guide for Citizen Groups on Bacteria Monitoring in Local Waterways
A comprehensive resource from the Center for Watershed Protection describing how to design your project, collect data, and share your results.

link to Water Quality Monitoring document
Considerations for Starting a Water Quality Monitoring Program in Your Community
A resource intended to help citizen groups, or local, county and state agency staff organize a local citizen-based volunteer water quality monitoring program.

link to Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring National Facilitation Project

link to Cornell Citizen Science Central
Cornell Lab of Ornithology Citizen Science Central
A clearinghouse for ideas, news, and resources in support of citizen science, including a step-by-step approach to citizen science project development.

link to Biological Monitoring Handbook
Broadening Participation in Biological Monitoring: Handbook for Scientists and Managers
This handbook and the companion materials are tools that were written specifically for natural resource managers and scientists in the U.S., but they are broadly applicable to many types of collaborative, multiparty, citizen, or volunteer projects and many types of resource monitoring.

Guidebook for Starting a Wetland Monitoring Program
Guidebook for Starting a Wetland Monitoring Program
Based on Milwaukee County Park's award-winning citizen-based monitoring program, this guidebook walks you through all the steps of starting a wetland monitoring program in Wisconsin.

Selecting Protocols

link to Amphibian Montitoring
Audubon Society Amphibian Monitoring in Wisconsin
Identification of and methods for monitoring amphibians in Wisconsin

link to Stream Monitoring Fact Sheets
Stream Monitoring Fact Sheets
Methods of Wisconsin Water Action Volunteers' Citizen Stream Monitoring

link to Citizen Lake Monitoring Training Manual
Wisconsin Citizen Lake Monitoring Training Manual
Describes procedures used by Wisconsin's Self-help Lake Monitoring Network

link to Water Resources Monitoring Strategy
Water Resources Monitoring Strategy for Wisconsin
Appendix A: Citizen-Based Water Monitoring Network Proposal [Draft]

link to Quality Assurance Project Plans
Volunteer Monitor's Quality Assurance Project Plans
Procedures to take in a monitoring project that ensures the data collected will meet project requirements.

link to Protocols To Inventory or Monitor Wildlife, Fish, or Rare Plants
Development of Protocols to Inventory or Monitor Wildlife, Fish, or Rare Plants
Guidelines for developing inventory and monitoring (I&M) protocols for wildlife, fish, and rare plants.

link to Multiple Species Inventory and Monitoring Technical Guide
Multiple Species Inventory and Monitoring Technical Guide
Provides a scientifically credible approach for collecting and analyzing wildlife information, and a framework for the development of broad scale wildlife monitoring programs

link to British Columbia inventories
Inventory Methods of British Columbia's Ministry of Environment
Manuals and dataforms for the inventory of terrestrial ecosystems

link to Monitoring Invasive Plants in Wisconsin
Monitoring Invasive Plants in Wisconsin
This handbook, created by Wisconsin First Detector Network (WIFDN) and Dane County Parks, is designed for land managers and volunteers who are monitoring invasive plants using tools associated with the Early Detection and Distribution Mapping System (EDDMapS) and the Great Lakes Early Detection Network (GLEDN).

Finding Funding and Equipment

Funding Options
A list of sources and ideas for funding your citizen-based monitoring project or group

Equipment Lending Programs
Find places to borrow monitoring equipment

Other Information

link to Citizen Science Association
Citizen Science Association
An association of citizen science practitioners, researchers, and volunteers.

link to citizen science journal
Citizen Science: Theory and Practice
An open access (free) scientific journal containing research in the field of citizen science.

link to property access guidelines
Guidelines for citizen access to Wisconsin properties
(from the Wisconsin Odonata Survey)

link to property access guidelines
Identifying Sources of Citizen Monitoring Activity in your Area
A checklist of places to look when trying to find citizen-based monitoring groups in your area.

link to CBM conference presentations
Wisconsin Citizen-based Monitoring Conference Presentations
Presentation slides and videos from 2004-2016 CBM Conferences. Select a conference by year, and then click on the "Presentations" link to pull up these resources from past conferences.

link to CBM newsletters
Wisconsin Citizen-based Monitoring Network Newsletters
Find current and past issues of the Network Newsletters, containing information and updates from the Network and its partners.

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