Image of volunteer using a bat detector

Volunteering for the Wisconsin Bat Program

In general, bats are difficult to study because they are noctural, fast fliers, roost in inconspicuous places and can move great distances in short periods of time. As such, lack of information on basic biology and ecology is one of the greatest limitations to conservation of bat species. The Wisconsin DNR Bat Program (WBP) has turned to the WI Citizen-Based Monitoring Network for assistance with monitoring bats in the state. Using trained volunteers has allowed the WBP to gather large amounts of data from across Wisconsin.

You can volunteer to monitoring bats in the state! Monitors conducting acoustic and roost surveys across the state for the past seven years have helped the WBP determine species distribution and relative abundance in Wisconsin.

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The WBP coordinates two citizen-science projects:

Acoustic Monitoring
Summer Colony Monitoring
image of a swarm of little brown bats
Little brown bats swarm at the entrance to a hibernaculum

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