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Friday AM

Sarah Newman - Citizen Science Coordinator, NEON, Inc.
(5.23 MB)

Marya Johnston-McIntosh - Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, UW-Madison
(718 KB)

Greg Newman - Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory, Colorado State University and CitScit.org
(913 KB)

Friday PM

Tim Asplund - WDNR Water Quality
(4.87 MB)

Panel Discussion: The role of citizen-based monitoring in natural resources decision-making

Kristi Minahan - WDNR Water Quality (1.20 MB)

Lisie Kitchel - WDNR Endangered Resources (993 KB)

Bob DuBois - WDNR Endangered Resources (2.81 MB)

Saturday AM

Kate Reilly - UW-Extension
(845 KB)

Nature Center CBM Program Updates

BCR - Beaver Creek Reserve Citizen Science Center
(655 KB)

MHNC - Mosquito Hill Nature Center (1.13 MB)

UEC - Urban Ecology Center (2.67 MB)

NLDC - North Lakeland Discovery Center

Chrystal Schreck - WDNR Science Services
(2.71 MB)

Dave MacFarland - WDNR Wildlife Management
(1.65 MB)

Dreux Watermolen - WDNR Science Services
(1.91 MB)

Emerging Issues in Water Monitoring

Matt Diebel - WDNR Science Services (990 KB)

Kris Stepenuck - UW-Extension / WDNR Water Quality
(1.22 MB)

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