July 28, 2012 — Eau Claire County

Beaver Creek Reserve

Fawn Darner (Boyeria vinosa)
several patrolling stream. This one caught a jewelwing
Photo of Fawn Darner
Arrow Clubtail (Stylurus spiniceps)
Netted and released
several at river
Photo of Arrow Clubtail
Common Sanddragon (Progomphus obscurus)
Netted and released
at creek
Midland Clubtail (Gomphurus fraternus)
at trail near river
Swift River Cruiser (Illinois River Cruiser ssp.) (Macromia illinoiensis illinoiensis)
Netted and released
at river
Photo of Swift River Cruiser (Illinois River Cruiser ssp.)
Autumn Meadowhawk (Sympetrum vicinum)
Netted and released
along creek trail
White-faced Meadowhawk (Sympetrum obtrusum)
Netted and released
On trail to Marsh. hundred plus at the marsh
Photo of White-faced Meadowhawk
Ebony Jewelwing (Calopteryx maculata)
lots at the creek
River Jewelwing (Calopteryx aequabilis)
Blue-fronted Dancer (Argia apicalis)
Sweetflag Spreadwing (Lestes forcipatus)
Netted and released
multitude at marsh
Photo of Sweetflag Spreadwing