May 19, 2007 — Vernon County

Along shoreline of Sidie Hollow Lake, 3 miles west of Viroqua. The lake is surrounded by woods and has a walking path all the way around it.

Common Green Darner (Anax junius)
Netted and released
Quite a number were present. (1 photo)
Springtime Darner (Basiaeschna janata)
Several noted on the wing; two were netted. Both measure just shy of 2-1/4" long. New species for us. (3 photos)
Common Whitetail (Plathemis lydia)
Netted and released
Two adult males noted. (1 photo)
Dot-tailed Whiteface (Leucorrhinia intacta)
One pair in a wheel was netted but they soon separated before a photo could be taken. Numerous other individuals noted. (2 photos)
Azure Bluet (Enallagma aspersum)
One individual found at same spot as a Skimming Bluet along west shoreline. (1 photo)
Eastern Forktail (Ischnura verticalis)
Many noted. (1 photo)
Western Red Damsel (Amphiagrion abbreviatum)
One adult female netted near the boat ramp. First female of this species that we have netted. (3 photos)
Skimming Bluet (Enallagma geminatum)
Only this one male was found on this windy day. Found at same spot as an Azure Bluet along west shoreline. (2 photos)