Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas
Non-birding Effort Reporting Form

To help us track the valuable contributions of volunteers to the project, please enter the non-survey mileage and hours you dedicated to the atlas. DO NOT INCLUDE THE TIME OR MILES SPENT BIRDING, as that will be recorded on your eBird checklists.

Effort to enter on this form includes:

You can submit this information as often as you like, either at the end of a survey day, the end of a week, month, or the end of the survey season – whatever method is easiest for you to keep track.

Every time you enter effort, only enter the effort since you last submitted effort. Do not double-count or enter your total effort to date. Example: Your mileage for June was 150 and you enter it into the system at the end of June. Your mileage for July is 100. When you come a second time to submit your miles, enter 100, not 250.


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