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  • The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service is collecting information from individuals and organizations about recently (since 2014) completed, implemented, or planned on-the-ground conservation efforts benefiting monarch butterflies. This information will help the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and conservation partners assess conditions for the monarch now and into the future, across the United States.
  • Please contact Brenna Jones if you have inquiries or would like to submit data.
  • The Monarch Conservation Science Partnership's Integrated Monarch Monitoring Program is a national initiative to monitor monarch populations and habitat throughout the breeding range. Data gathered through IMMP contribute to existing population and habitat models that inform broad scale monarch conservation
  • The data collected from this citizen science project is important for scientific studies about monarch butterflies. Contributing your efforts to this study will help researchers to better understand monarchs and monarch habitat abundance, patterns, and density in Wisconsin.
  • Journey North collects data about the spring journey of the monarch from Mexico. Volunteers report sightings of milkweed, monarch eggs, monarch larva, and monarch adults. This important information helps monarch enthusiasts to understand flight patterns, timing, and monarch locations as they travel north.

For a full list of citizen science monitoring projects, please visit: