Submit your efforts

  • The data collected from this citizen science project is important for scientific studies about monarch butterflies. Contributing your efforts to this study will help researchers to better understand monarchs and monarch habitat abundance, patterns, and density in Wisconsin.
  • Journey North collects data on the spring and fall monarch migrations to and from Mexico. Volunteers report sightings of milkweed, monarch eggs, monarch larva, monarch adults, and monarch roosts. This important information helps monarch enthusiasts to understand flight patterns, timing, and monarch locations as they travel north and south.
  • HabiTally is an app hosted by Iowa State University that enables private landowners and citizens, farmers, and ranchers to enter data about monarch habitat conservation efforts on land across the state. The app was developed as a collaboration between Bayer and The Climate Corporation, with support from Iowa State University's Center for Survey Statistics and Methodology. Anyone can use the app, which is available as a free download for both iOS and Android devices. All data reported are anonymous.

Visit the Monarch Joint Venture for a full list of community science initiatives.