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  		Photo: Wisconsin River - K. Mooney

Journey North

UW-Madison Arboretum

Contact Information:
Nancy Sheehan
[email protected]

monarch butterflies, robins, hummingbirds, whooping cranes, gray whales, bald eagles, other birds and mammals; the budding of plants, blooming of flowers; changing sunlight; and other natural events; pollinators

Citizen scientists across the northern hemisphere are invited to share field observations of wildlife migration and seasonal change through Journey North. The project collects first of the season sightings of familiar migratory species and seasonal signs. Widely considered a best-practices model for education, Journey North is the nation's premiere "citizen science" project for children. The general public is welcome to participate.

Subject Area(s):
Invertebrates (mussels, dragonflies, etc.)
Other - Invertebrates

Data Type(s) Collected:
Distribution and Range

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