Who's Who of Citizen-based Monitoring in Wisconsin.
  		Photo: Wisconsin River - K. Mooney

Clean Boats, Clean Waters

UW-Extension Lakes

Contact Information:
Erin McFarlane
Aquatic Invasive Species Volunteer Coordinator
[email protected]?

Year Started:

Aquatic invasive species

Our volunteers help prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species by conducting boater education programs in their communities. Volunteers share information with boaters and the general public on aquatic invasive species and how they're spread. They also show boaters where invasives are most likely to hitch a ride on their watercraft and encourage them to check their watercraft and equipment for invasive species before entering the water.

Subject Area(s):
Exotics/Invasive Species

Data Type(s) Collected:
Other - Human Behaviors and Motivators

# of Volunteers:
Over 1,000 volunteers trained

Volunteer Services:
Training sessions for new volunteers
Volunteer monitor newsletter
Group website
Data analysis and reporting
Email list or list-serve for volunteers
Staff consultation with individual monitors

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