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Wisconsin Frog and Toad Survey

Route 31 - Barron County

Please remember that landowner permission must be obtained before proceeding onto private property.

Site Location Descriptions

Site 1
Duck Lake. Lakeland Township. Listen on Cty B on stream bridge between Granite and Duck Lake.  Large sedge meadow, shrub thicket, open water between north and south. (45.55956, -92.00439)

Site 2
Big Dummy Lake. Lakeland Township. Listen on Cty B where the road curve goes directly east, small pond/sedge meadow to south, large bog, wet forest, lake to north.   (45.56693, -91.98346)

Site 3
Grassy Lake. Lakeland Township. Go 1.9 mi north of Cty B on 10th St. Listening point off 10th St.  Sedge meadow to west, shallow lake complex to east. (45.59326, -91.94983)

Site 4
Yellow River. Lakeland Township. Listen off Cty B where Yellow River goes under highway.  Alder thicket to north and south. (45.56914, -91.94329)

Site 5
Mud Lake. Lakeland Township. Listen off Cty B to north.  Shallow lake, cattail and shallow marsh. (45.57119, -91.91069)

Site 6
Mud Lake II. Bear Lake Township. ~0.7 mi west of Cty V on Cty B. Listen from Cty B to south.  Agricultural pond/lake. (45.56734, -91.84015)

Site 7
Little Bear Creek. Bear Lake Township. Listening point where creek crosses Cty V. Listen east and west.  Alder thicket/low forest along stream. (45.59099, -91.82663)

Site 8
Bear Lake Sedge Meadow. Bear Lake Township. Listen off Cty VV north and south.  Large extensive northern sedge meadow and lake. Take Hwy. 'V' to 'VV' in Village of Haugen. (45.60947, -91.80880)

Site 9
Narrow Gauge Road. Bear Lake Township. Go north on Narrow Gauge Rd from Cty V, 1.9 mi.  Sedge meadow and ponds surrounded by second growth mixed forest. (45.60664, -91.85155)

Site 10
Sucker Creek. Bear Lake Township. Listen from Narrow Gauge Rd to east and west just south junction with Sucker Creek.  Marsh/low forest both directions. (45.63507, -91.87510)