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Wisconsin Frog and Toad Survey

Route 491 - Polk County

Please remember that landowner permission must be obtained before proceeding onto private property.

Site Location Descriptions

Site 1
Deer Lake. 1.25 mi north of Hwy 48 on Cty E (10th St), west side of road. Listen on Cty E.  Small landlocked seepage lake, wooded to west, some pasturing around edges. Littoral zone Type II and III wetlands. (45.58729, -92.17572)

Site 2
Grouse Lake. 2 mi north of Hwy 48 on Cty E. Listen on west side of Cty E.  Small landlocked non-developed lake with no cattle access. Wooded to west. Open water with Type II (sedge meadow) and Type III shallow marsh with bog elements on north end. (45.59683, -92.17572)

Site 3
County Hwy W. 0.5 mi west of Cty E on Cty W at beaver pond. Listen north and south on Cty W.  Intermittent stream inlet/outlet. Emergent Type III and IV cattail, arrowhead, lake sedge, etc. Beaver dam on west end (6 foot head). (45.63998, -92.20421)

Site 4
County Hwy O/County Hwy W. Westernmost junction of Cty O (60th St) and Cty W (300th Ave). Northwest corner, west of state parking area. Listen from Cty W, both north and south.  Small bog pool with floating mat of tamarack. (45.64001, -92.28393)

Site 5
McKenzie Creek. Approximately 0.75 mi west of junction of Cty O and Cty W. Listen from Cty W bridge.  Coldwater trout stream almost entirely enclosed by public property. Stream 6.5 miles in length runs through 200 acres of sedge meadow, alder thicket, bottomland hardwoods. (45.63991, -92.29843)

Site 6
Marsh Lake. Listen to the south from Cty W, 1.25 mi west of its intersection with Cty O (south). State owned.  Landlocked 4-acre bog lake surrounded by excellent bog community to north and woods to south. (45.63993, -92.30855)

Site 7
Little Pine Lake. 0.25 mi west of Cty O (60th St) on 27th Ave (Cty O). Listen north from road.  Landlocked non-developed 21-acre lake surrounded by forest on the uplands and Type III and IV wetlands on the fringe (approximately 13 acres). (45.59606, -92.28896)

Site 8
McKenzie Lake. On 280th Ave west onto public property. Listen from public access.  Surrounded by upland morainal woods. Wetlands include Type IV and VII north and south of lake. Navigable outlet and two non-navigable inlet feeder streams. Totally wild undeveloped lake. (45.61241, -92.30377)

Site 9
270th Avenue. 0.8 mi east of Cty O on 270th Ave near junction with Clam River. Listen to south and north.  Seasonally pastured marsh/sedge meadow with lots of alder/willow thicket. Near headwater of Clam River. (45.59725, -92.26292)

Site 10
Largon Lake. On Largon Lake Rd (280th Ave) approximately 0.75 mi west of Cty E to public boat access.  Impounded structure (2 feet) south end of lake. Has non-navigable inlet/outlet. Cottages line lake on east and north end. Deep and shallow marsh community throughout. Depth approximately 10 feet, maximum. (45.61127, -92.19217)