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Wisconsin Frog and Toad Survey

Route 662 - Washburn County

Please remember that landowner permission must be obtained before proceeding onto private property.

Site Location Descriptions

Site 1
Pokegama Lake and Bog. Listen from Pokegama Lake Public Boat Landing at the end of Brancel Rd.  Lakeshore and bog. (46.08240, -91.88022)

Site 2
Horseshoe Lake. Stop at public boat landing on Horseshoe Lake off of Old Bass Lake Rd. Emergent wetland on south side of road.  Lake and emergent wetland. (46.08101, -91.91848)

Site 3
Middle Lake. Stop at public boat landing off the end of Pash Ln.  Middle and Twin Lakes, including channel. (46.06957, -91.95476)

Site 4
McLain Lake. Public boat landing on southwest end of lake just off of Hwy 77 on McClain and Landing Rd.  Lake and associated wetlands. (46.04476, -91.95295)

Site 5
Matthews Lake. Stop at the public boat landing off of Cty F. 1 mi south of Hwy 77.  Lake and forested wetland. (46.02737, -91.96636)

Site 6
Pear Lake. Listen at the public boat landing off the south side of Hwy 77.  Lake. (46.04375, -92.00211)

Site 7
Misty Bog Road. Stop on road just before Misty Bog Rd turns east at bottom of hill.  Ephemeral wetland on both sides of road. (46.07627, -92.01278)

Site 8
Nancy Lake. Listen off of Nancy Lake Rd where the lake comes the closest to the road. Wetlands on either side.  Lake and adjacent forested wetlands. (46.10259, -91.97288)

Site 9
Nancy Lake Road. Stop on right side of road just after the intersection with Marsh Rd.  Managed hemi marsh wetland. (46.10076, -91.95659)

Site 10
County Hwy I/Hwy 77. Listen at the intersection. Wetland is on the east side of the road.  Wooded ephemeral wetland. (46.10062, -91.85455)