May 23, 2016 — Brown County

Point Sable Nature Preserve. Northeast side of lagoon in emergent vegetation along shore.

Dot-tailed Whiteface (Leucorrhinia intacta)
Four-spotted Skimmer (Libellula quadrimaculata)
Eastern Forktail (Ischnura verticalis)
Sedge Sprite (Nehalennia irene)
Photo of Sedge Sprite
Taiga Bluet (Coenagrion resolutum)
Identified through binoculars based on color pattern on abdomen, with alternating blue and black bands along abdomen for the length of the wings, then a few segments of only black (perhaps S6-7) before the blue at the end of the abdomen. Also noted that when perched it held wings slightly spread as described in a field guide. I could also see the lateral part of the "U" shaped pattern on S2 through binoculars. The abdomen and S2 looks the same as the markings on the specimen I collected near here earlier this week, and I looked at that collected specimen under the microscope and confirmed as Taiga Bluet.