May 15, 2020 — Chippewa County

Hay Meadow Flowage Trail, horse park 3 and Deer Fly Trail, full horse trail loop around sphagnum bog. [mid afternoon, sunny, mid 60s, wind NNW 10 mph]

Common Green Darner (Anax junius)
A few, including one tandem pair.
American Emerald (Cordulia shurtleffii)
Netted and released
One along Deer Fly Trail.
Photo of American Emerald
Photo of American Emerald
Beaverpond Baskettail (Epitheca canis)
Netted and released
A few. Identification rationale: male baskettails present all this species, and today was the first day baskettails present at this location.
Photo of Beaverpond Baskettail
Photo of Beaverpond Baskettail
Hudsonian Whiteface (Leucorrhinia hudsonica)
Photo of Hudsonian Whiteface