August 27, 2020 — Chippewa County

Island with Old Abe Lake on the east and the Chippewa River on the west. [12:15-14:55, mostly cloudy becoming mostly sunny, 77 F at start of survey, observed (but did not net or photograph) a few mosaic darners and gliders]

Common Green Darner (Anax junius)
A few, mostly perched in low weeds
Swift River Cruiser (Illinois River Cruiser ssp.) (Macromia illinoiensis illinoiensis)
One female
Photo of Swift River Cruiser (Illinois River Cruiser ssp.)
Autumn Meadowhawk (Sympetrum vicinum)
Netted and released
Photo of Autumn Meadowhawk
Photo of Autumn Meadowhawk
White-faced Meadowhawk (Sympetrum obtrusum)
Netted and released
Netted one male and saw one other male
Photo of White-faced Meadowhawk
Widow Skimmer (Libellula luctuosa)
Netted and released
Two males over lake, two or three females in weeds
Photo of Widow Skimmer
Ebony Jewelwing (Calopteryx maculata)
Powdered Dancer (Argia moesta)
A few males and fewer females, likely this species based on previous observations