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Frequently Asked Questions

I need help with identification. For a list of Wisconsin's rare plant and animal species and assistance with their identification, please visit the Wisconsin Natural Heritage's biodiversity pages.

Can I report another person's observation? Complete this form for first-hand observations only. Submit only observations whose location can be adequately represented by a single point on a map. For all other types of sightings, please contact [email protected]

Do I have to complete all of the fields? Items in dark blue marked with a ** are required. Fill in other items if known and applicable.

Can I review my observation before submitting it? After entering all of your data into the form, you will be given a final chance to review it and make any necessary changes before submitting it to us.

Can I submit photos of the observation? You will have the opportunity to attach photos or additional documentation relating to your observation at the end of this form. Reports of rare plants and of some animals require photos or specimens to confirm identification.

What about collecting a specimen? Only collect specimens legally, with appropriate landowner permissions and/or permits, and if there is no harm to the population.

When should I submit bird observations? Complete this form only for observations during the breeding season or at large concentration areas during migration or winter.

Can I submit reports of non-vascular plants and lichens? Please contact [email protected] to report these observations.

We also accept reports of game animals that are on the Wisconsin Natural Heritage Working List

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