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These surveys have been discontinued. Continue monitoring bird populations by reporting your sightings to Wisconsin eBird. Questions? Contact Ryan Brady at [email protected] or (715) 685-8585.
Sora © Mike McDowell

Bird monitoring has a long and rich history in Wisconsin, in many cases relying heavily on contributions by volunteer birders dedicating their time and skills to the greater cause of bird conservation. Large-scale, long-term, and citizen-based surveys such as the federal Breeding Bird Survey, Christmas Bird Counts, and others are among the best datasets we have today for assessing the population status of many bird species and sparking the actions required to preserve and restore them.

The Wisconsin Bird Conservation Partnership (WBCP), formerly WBCI, the Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative recognizes the need for sound bird monitoring programs, and recently its Research and Monitoring Committee identified several key bird groups whose populations previously were not adequately monitored in the state. To fill these gaps and help identify species at risk, three new statewide surveys that focus on owls, nightjars, and secretive marshbirds were initiated in the past several years.

Visit the specific survey pages below to learn more. These pages provide overviews for each survey and allow interested volunteers to learn what it takes to participate, find survey routes in their area, and download the maps, instructions, and datasheets required to complete each survey. Making your birding count toward bird conservation has never been easier!

Other Monitoring Opportunities

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Western Great Lakes Owl Survey
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Wisconsin Marshbird Survey
link to Nightjar Survey
Wisconsin Nightjar Survey
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Red-shouldered Hawk Survey

For additional information about these surveys, contact: Ryan Brady  (715-685-2933)

Photo credits: Short-eared Owl (in header) - Brian Hansen; Short-eared Owl - Dennis Malueg; Least Bittern - Jack Bartholmai; Whip-poor-will - Eric Howe; Red-shouldered Hawk - Vic Berardi