Who's Who of Citizen-based Monitoring in Wisconsin.
  		Photo: Wisconsin River - K. Mooney

Wisconsin Bird Conservation Partnership

Contact Information:
Ryan Brady
Monitoring Coordinator
Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources
2501 Golf Course Road
Ashland, WI 54806
[email protected]

owls marshbirds red-shouldered hawks nightjars

The Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative's monitoring program is geared towards implementing the monitoring needs laid out by Partners in Flight (PIF) and the North American Bird Conservation Initiative (NABCI). WBCI has monitoring programs for owls, marshbirds, red-shouldered hawks, and nightjars. It is also making traditional programs like the Federal Breeding Bird Survey and Christmas Bird Count stronger. WBCI has also partnered with Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology to better collect and manage observational data through eBird. Finally, the monitoring committee of WBCI is helping to prioritize short-term monitoring needs that will better inform key management decisions.

Subject Area(s):

Data Type(s) Collected:
Population Status
Population Trends
Population Demographics
Distribution and Range
Habitat Requirements

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