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Dromogomphus spoliatus  (Hagen in Selys, 1858)
Flag-tailed Spinyleg

Gomphidae, Clubtail Family
Possible Species


Global: G4G5     Wisconsin: SRF    

Distinguishing Characteristics:

The flag-tailed spinyleg varies in length from 2.2 to 2.6 inches. The eyes are blue. The thorax is yellow-green with black shoulder markings. The abdomen is generally yellow with black markings with the exception of the end of the abdomen. The male club is vertically flattened with its sides pale yellow to rusty orange. The female club is slender and yellowish to rusty brown. The back legs have 4 -11 unusually long comb-like spines.

Description of Habitat/Range:

This is a southern species that may not occur in Wisconsin and there is just one questionable historical record. They prefer rivers with mud-bottomed pools, possessing heavily to sparsely forested banks. Also mud-bottomed lakes and ponds with clear to muddy waters.

Flight Season:

The flight season generally is from early July to mid-September range-wide.

Shading illustrates monthly percentages of the total flight season records for the species. Each flight season record is a unique date/location/observer combination where one or more adult or an exuvia was recorded (excludes nymphs). The actual number of flight season records for each month is shown in parentheses.

Flight seasons begin earlier in the southern part of the state, often by a week or more. Also, flight charts may not be accurate for rare species because of few data available.
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Photo of Male flag-tailed spinyleg
Male flag-tailed spinyleg. © Dennis Paulson

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