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Williamsonia lintneri  (Hagen in Selys, 1878)
Ringed Boghaunter

Corduliidae, Emerald Family
"Most Wanted" Species

The boghaunters are the smallest emeralds in the family with little metallic coloration. Their bodies are thinly haired. The abdomens in males are constricted just below the bases. The boghaunters are rare inhabitants of northeastern bogs, with two species in North America.


Global: G3     Wisconsin: S3    

Distinguishing Characteristics:

This small brownish dragonfly is one of the rarest emeralds. The length of the body averages about 1.3 inches. It has orange rings on its abdomen. The face is orange-brown with eyes gray-blue to aqua. It is similar to the ebony boghaunter. However, the ebony boghaunter has white rings only near the base of the abdomen.

Description of Habitat/Range:

In Wisconsin, shallow bog pools and acid fens, often with wiry or three-way sedge and few bushes, are preferred. But in coastal New England, the bog type preference varies from white cedar, black spruce, larch, to other forests with bogs. It is known in Wisconsin only from a few central counties.

Flight Season:

Throughout its range, the flight season is from late April to early July. In Wisconsin, the adults have been documented from early May to early June.

Shading illustrates monthly percentages of the total flight season records for the species. Each flight season record is a unique date/location/observer combination where one or more adult or an exuvia was recorded (excludes nymphs). The actual number of flight season records for each month is shown in parentheses.

Flight seasons begin earlier in the southern part of the state, often by a week or more. Also, flight charts may not be accurate for rare species because of few data available.
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Photo of Male ringed boghaunter
Male ringed boghaunter. © Dan Jackson

Photo of Immature male ringed boghaunter
Immature male ringed boghaunter. © Mike Reese

Photo of Close-up of male ringed boghaunter thorax
Close-up of male ringed boghaunter thorax. © Dan Jackson

Photo of Side (top image) and top view of cercus for male ringed boghaunter
Side (top image) and top view of cercus for male ringed boghaunter. © Dan Jackson

Photo of Immature female ringed boghaunter
Immature female ringed boghaunter. © Dan Jackson

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