Thank you for considering a donation to protect Wisconsin's amphibians and reptiles! There are two ways you can make a tax-deductible donation to help amphibians and reptiles in the state:

The Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin created the Wisconsin Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Fund to support herptile conservation efforts in perpetuity.

(Type "amphibian and reptile fund" in the endowed fund text box.)

Donations to the Wisconsin Amphibian and Reptile Program in the Bureau of Natural Heritage Conservation (NHC) support herptile projects in need of immediate funding and are matched by the state. These funds will be used for inventory, monitoring, research, applied management and education about amphibians and reptiles.

(Choose "Reptiles and Amphibians" in the 'special donation fund' drop-down list.)
image of a Lined Snake
Lined Snake - Andrew Badje
image of a Wood Turtle
Wood Turtle - Andrew Badje
image of a Blanchard's Cricket Frog
Blanchard's Cricket Frog - Tyler Brandt