Northern Goshawk (Accipiter gentilis)

Northern goshawk photo


Adult: male larger than American Crow, female comparable to Common Raven; sexes similar in coloration; Tail: long, 4 indistinct bands of light and dark gray below, bands darker and more noticeable above; Wings: wide, rounded, slate blue-gray above, light gray with black streaking below; Head: darker slate gray, distinct white eye-line; Under-tail coverts: white; Eye: orange to red.

Immature: Back and Wings: light to dark brown, white eye-line present; Tail: 5+ indistinct brown bands; Eye: yellow.


Deciduous hardwoods and mixed coniferous forest, varies by landscape type; do nest in homogenous aspen stands; rarely found in woodlots. Have been found nesting in mature white and red pine plantations. Nests usually 18-30 in diameter; usually will select the largest tree within the stand.


Nests in northern 2/3 of state including the central forest areas. Occurs statewide in Winter.

Goshawk range map
Goshawk Nest


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