Sharp-Shinned Hawk (Accipiter striatus)

Sharp-Shinned Hawk photo


Adult: male approximately robin size, females slightly larger; sexes similar in coloration patterns; Tail: long, square ended with 3-4 bands; thin white tip; Throat: light with brown streaking; Wings: wide and rounded with underside light brown with white barring underneath; Breast and underside: cream or white, with heavy rust horizontal barring; Legs: thin, delicate-looking; Eye: orange or red.

Immature: similar to adult; Underside: white with dark vertical streaking; Tail: indistinct bands of medium and dark brown; Eye: yellow.


Coniferous wetland forests or upland hardwoods containing conifers; commonly observed hunting near bird feeders. Nests: small 10-18" in diameter placed close to trunk of coniferous tree species.


Summer resident common in the northern 1/2 of state; possible statewide. Not a regular resident during winter; possible visitor to southern part of state.

Sharp-Shinned Hawk range map
Sharp-Shinned Hawk habitat


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