Who's Who of Citizen-based Monitoring in Wisconsin.
  		Photo: Wisconsin River - K. Mooney
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**Organizations accepting new volunteers

Baraboo Schools Baraboo River and Tributary Monitoring   teacher/school group
   Water Action Volunteers

Brush Creek Stream Monitoring Project **   teacher/school group
   UWEX / WDNR Water Action Volunteers

Celebrate Urban Birds **   teacher/school group
   Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Community Collaborative Rain, Hail & Snow Network (CoCoRaHS) **   teacher/school group

Grantsburg High School   teacher/school group

Koshkonong Creek Study   teacher/school group
   Cambridge Elementary School

Project BudBurst **   teacher/school group
   National Ecological Observatory Network

Reedsburg Area High School Monitors   teacher/school group
   UWEX / WDNR Water Action Volunteers

Testing the Waters - Milwaukee River Watershed **   teacher/school group
   Riveredge Nature Center

Testing the Waters - Sheboygan   teacher/school group
   UWEX / WDNR Water Action Volunteers

UW- Stout, WI Clearwaters Trout Unlimited **   teacher/school group
   UW- Stout, WI Clearwaters Trout Unlimited

Wausau West High School Monitors   teacher/school group
   UWEX / WDNR Water Action Volunteers

Adopt-a-Beach **
   Alliance for the Great Lakes

Ahnapee River Watershed Group **
   UWEX / WDNR Water Action Volunteers

Aldo Leopold Audubon Society **
   National Audubon Society

American Kestrel Nest Box Monitoring Program **
   Peregrine Fund, Western Great Lakes Bird and Bat Observatory, Central Wisconsin Kestrel Research

Annual Midwest Crane Count **
   International Crane Foundation

Bad River Watershed Association **
   Township Road Departments, US Fish & Wildlife, Wisconsin DNR, County Land and Water Conservation Departments, Bad River Tribe

Bald Eagle Nest Watch **
   Madison Audubon Society

Bay Area Bird Club **

Beaver Creek Bird Club **
   Beaver Creek Reserve

Beaver Creek Reserve Citizen Science Center **
   Beaver Creek Reserve

Benjamin F. Goss Bird Club **

Bird Collision Corps **
   Madison Audubon Society

Bluebird Restoration Association of Wisconsin **

Bumble Bee Watch **
   The Xerces Society, the University of Ottawa, Wildlife Preservation Canada, BeeSpotter, The Natural History Museum, London, and the Montreal Insectarium

Burdock Brigade
   Urban Ecology Center

Centerville Citizens for Air, River, and Environmental Solutions **
   WDNR, Discovery Farms, The WATER Institute

Central Wisconsin Trout Unlimited River Keepers **
   UWEX / WDNR Water Action Volunteers

Chappee Rapids Audubon Society **
   Wisconsin Audubon Society/Michigan Audubon Society

Chequamegon Bay Birders
   Wisconsin Society for Ornithology

Chequamegon Bird Club **

Chippewa Falls Groundwater Guardians **
   The Groundwater Foundation

Chippewa Wildlife Society **

Chiwaukee Prairie Preservation Fund **
   The Nature Conservancy, WDNR, UW-System

Citizen Lake Monitoring Network **
   UWEX-Lakes and WDNR

Citizen Lake Monitoring Network - Adams County **
   Adams County Land & Water Conservation Dept.

Citizen Lake Monitoring Network - Aquatic Invasive Species Monitoring **
   UWEX-Lakes and Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources

Citizen Lake Monitoring Network - Northeast Region **

Citizen Lake Monitoring Network - Northern Region (East) **

Citizen Lake Monitoring Network - Northern Region (West) **

Citizen Lake Monitoring Network - Southern District **

Citizen Lake Monitoring Network - West Central Region **

Citizen-based Water Monitoring Network of Wisconsin **
   UWEX, WDNR, River Alliance, and Wisconsin Association of Lakes

Clean Boats, Clean Waters **
   UW-Extension Lakes

Climate Watch **
   National Audubon Society

Climate Watch - WI **
   Madison Audubon Society

Coulee Region Audubon Society **
   National Audubon Society

Dane County Citizen Stream Monitoring **
   UWEX / WDNR Water Action Volunteers, Dane County LCD

Dane County Parks- Invasive Plant Monitoring **
   Dane County

Dane County Water Watchers **
   UWEX / WDNR Water Action Volunteers

Discovery Center Bird Club **
   North Lakeland Discovery Center, Wisconsin Society for Ornithology, Cornell Lab of Ornithology, National Audubon Society, American Birding Association, International Crane Foundation, Loon Watch

Discovery Farms' Watershed Research
   UWEX / College of Agricultural & Life Sciences-UW Madison

Duncan Creek Water Quality Monitoring Project
   Chippewa Co. LCD, WDNR, Chippewa Falls School District, Bloomer School District, McDonell High School

Dunn County Groundwater Guardians **
   The Groundwater Foundation

Earth Team Volunteer Program **

eBird **
   Cornell Lab of Ornithology & National Audubon Society

Ferry Bluff Eagle Council **

Firefly Watch **
   Museum of Science

Forest Raptor Reporting **
   Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Fox Lake Inland Lake District
   Wisconsin Association of Lakes, North American Lake Management Society, WDNR Self-Help Lake Monitoring

Friends of Cam-Rock Park
   UWEX / WDNR Water Action Volunteers

Friends of Lake Emily **

Friends of Mill Creek **
   UWEX / WDNR Water Action Volunteers, Portage County LCD

Friends of Rountree Branch **
   UWEX / WDNR Water Action Volunteers, Platteville Park & Recreation Deparment

Friends of Starkweather Creek **
   Rock River Coalition

Friends of the Black River **
   UWEX / WDNR Water Action Volunteers

Friends of the Cedarburg Bog-Bog Guardian Program **
   Southeast Wisconsin Invasive Species Consortium, Ozaukee Washington Land Trust

Friends of the Jump River **

Friends of the St. Croix Headwaters **

Friends of Tomorrow / Waupaca River **

Frogwatch USA **

Golden-winged Warbler Atlas Project **
   Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Great Backyard Bird Count **
   Cornell Lab of Ornithology, National Audubon Society, Bird Studies Canada

Great Lakes Marsh Monitoring Program **
   Bird Studies Canada, Environment Canada, US EPA

Great Lakes Network, Inventory and Monitoring Program **
   National Park Service

Great Lakes Worm Watch **
   Natural Resources Research Institute

Great North American Secchi Dip-in **
   North American lake Management Society

Green-Rock Audubon Society **
   National Audubon Society

HerpMapper **

Horicon Marsh Bird Club **
   Horicon National Wildlife Refuge

Horicon National Wildlife Refuge **
   US Fish & Wildlife Service

Hornberg Monitors **
   UWEX / WDNR Water Action Volunteers, Trout Unlimited

House Finch Disease Survey **
   Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Hoy Audubon Society
   National Audubon Society

Invasive Plant Reporting **
   Wisconsin DNR

Invasive Plants Association of Wisconsin **

Jackson County Bird and Nature Club **

Journey North

Karner Blue Butterfly Monitoring **
   Wisconsin DNR

Kestrel Nest Box Monitoring Program **
   Madison Audubon Society

Kickapoo River Volunteer Water Monitors **
   Water Action Volunteers, Valley Stewardship Network

Kickapoo Valley Reserve **

Lake Michigan Avian Monitoring for Botulism Lakeshore Events
   USGS National Wildlife Health Center

Lake Winnebago Self Help Monitoring **
   Winnebago Lakes Council, UW-Oshkosh Aquatic Studies Center, WDNR Self-Help Lake Monitoring

Little Wolf River Monitors **
   UWEX / WDNR Water Action Volunteers

LoonWatch **
   Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute of Northland College

Lower Fox River Watershed Monitoring Program **
   UW-Green Bay

Lower Rock River Monitors **
   UWEX / WDNR Water Action Volunteers, Rock Co. LCD, Rock River Coalition, Rock River Headwaters

Madison Audubon Society **
   National Audubon Society, The Land Trust Alliance

Milwaukee Audubon Society, Inc. **
   National Audubon Society

Milwaukee BIOME Project **
   Western Great Lakes Bird and Bat Observatory, Urban Ecology Center, Riveredge Nature Center, UW-Milwaukee, University of Hawaii--Manoa, Milwaukee County Parks, and WDNR

Milwaukee Riverkeeper Citizen-based Water Quality Monitoring Program **
   Milwaukee Riverkeeper

Monarch Larva Monitoring Project **
   University of Minnesota

Mosquito Hill Nature Center **
   Outagamie County

National Weather Service Cooperative Observing Program - Chanhassen **
   NOAA, National Weather Service

National Weather Service Cooperative Observing Program - Duluth **
   NOAA, National Weather Service

National Weather Service Cooperative Observing Program - Green Bay **
   NOAA, National Weather Service

National Weather Service Cooperative Observing Program - La Crosse **
   NOAA, National Weather Service

National Weather Service Cooperative Observing Program - Milwaukee **
   NOAA, National Weather Service

Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin **

Nature Conservancy **

NestWatch **
   Cornell Lab of Ornithology

North American Bird Banding Program

North American Breeding Bird Survey

North American Butterfly Association **

North Lakeland Discovery Center **

Northeastern Wisconsin Audubon Society **
   National Audubon Society, Neville Public Museum,

Old Taylor Lake Advancement Association **

Operation Deer Watch **
   Wisconsin DNR

Oshkosh Bird Club **

Owen-Withee Girl Scouts **
   UWEX / WDNR Water Action Volunteers

Ozaukee Fish Passage Program **
   Ozaukee County Planning and Parks Department

Pigeon River Water Action Volunteers **
   UWEX / WDNR Water Action Volunteers, Ellwood H. May Environmental Center

Pine River Study and Information Network
   UWEX / WDNR Water Action Volunteers

Plymouth Bird and Nature Club **

Polk County Adopt-A-Stream **
   UWEX / WDNR Water Action Volunteers, Polk Co. LCD

Portage County Groundwater Monitoring **
   Portage County Planing and Zoning Department, UW-Stevens Point

Prairie Enthusiasts **

Project FeederWatch **
   Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Bird Studies Canada, National Audubon Society, Nature Canada

Project RED (Riverine Early Detectors) **
   River Alliance of Wisconsin

Protect Your Waters **
   Aquatic Nuisance Species Task Force

Rare Plant Monitoring Program **
   Wisconsin DNR

Red Cedar Basin Monitoring Group **

Ridges Sanctuary, Inc. **

River Alliance of Wisconsin **

Riveredge Nature Center **

Rock River Coalition Citizen Monitoring **
   UWEX / WDNR Water Action Volunteers

Rusk County Waters Alliance **
   WAL, River Alliance of WI, Mercury Free WI

Schlitz Audubon Nature Center Bird Club **
   National Audubon Society

Sheboygan Audubon Society **
   National Audubon Society

Sierra Club **

Snapshot Wisconsin **
   Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Southern Wisconsin Butterfly Association **
   Chapter of North American Butterfly Association

Southwest Wisconsin Deer and Predator Project **
   Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Token Creek Watershed Association **

Ulao Creek Partnership **
   UWEX / WDNR Water Action Volunteers, Ozaukee Co. LCD

Upper Midwest Council of the Federation of Fly Fishers **
   UWEX / WDNR Water Action Volunteers, Adopt-A-Stream

Upper Sugar River Watershed Association **

Urban Ecology Center **

UW Urban Canid Project **

UW-Madison Arboretum **
   University of Wisconsin-Madison

UW-Stevens Point Center for Watershed Science and Education **

UW-Stout Monitors - Galloway Creek **
   UWEX / WDNR Water Action Volunteers

Valley Stewardship Network **

Water Action Volunteers - Lake Superior Basin **
   UWEX / WDNR Water Action Volunteers

Water Action Volunteers Stream Monitoring **

Waukesha County Citizen Stream Monitoring Program **
   UWEX / WDNR Water Action Volunteers, Waukesha Co. LCD

Waukesha County Parks Citizen-based Monitoring **
   Waukesha County Parks and Land Use

Waukesha Fox River Conservation Group **

Wausau Bird Club **
   Wisconsin Society for Ornithology

Wehr Nature Center Nature Mapping **
   Wehr Nature Center / Nature in the Parks

Welty Center Volunteer Water Monitors **
   UWEX / WDNR Water Action Volunteers, Welty Center

West Wisconsin Land Trust **

Western Great Lakes Bird and Bat Observatory **

Wetland Invasive Plant Monitoring **
   Wisconsin DNR

Winnebago Audubon Society **
   National Audubon Society

Wisconsin Association of Lakes **

Wisconsin Bat Monitoring Program **
   Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative **

Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas II **
   Wisconsin Society for Ornithology, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, and the Western Great Lakes Bird and Bat Observatory

Wisconsin Bumble Bee Brigade **
   Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Wisconsin Butterflies **

Wisconsin Deer Hunter Wildlife Survey **
   Wisconsin DNR

Wisconsin eBird **
   eBird, Wisconsin DNR, Wisconsin Society for Ornithology, Western Great Lakes Bird & Bat Observatory

Wisconsin First Detector Network **
   UW Extension

Wisconsin Frog and Toad Survey **
   WDNR, USGS, North American Amphibian Monitoring Program

Wisconsin Herpetological Atlas Project **
   University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Field Station

Wisconsin Master Naturalist Program **
   UW Extension

Wisconsin Metro Audubon Society **
   National Audubon Society

Wisconsin Mussel Monitoring Program **
   Wisconsin DNR

Wisconsin Night Guardians for Songbirds ("WIngs") **
   Wisconsin Humane Society, Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

Wisconsin Odonata Survey **

Wisconsin Phenological Society **
   National Phenological Network

Wisconsin Purple Martin Association **
   The Purple Martin Conservation Association

Wisconsin Rivers Educator Network **
   Center for Watershed Science and Education

Wisconsin Society for Ornithology **

Wisconsin Speleological Society **
   National Speleological Society

Wisconsin Turtle Conservation Program **

Wisconsin Volunteer Carnivore Tracking Program **

Wisconsin Wetlands Association

Wisconsin Wildlife Federation
   National Wildlife Federation

Wisconsin Young Forest Partnership **
   Wisconsin DNR, US Forest Service, US Fish and Wildlife Service

Wolf River Lakes and Streams Association

Woodland Dunes Nature Center **

Zebra Mussel Watch **
   UW Sea Grant Institute

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