Wisconsin Citizen-based Monitoring Network

Winter Reading List

Winter is the perfect time to catch up on your reading, and there’s no better topic than citizen-based monitoring! Check out the list below for news articles, research papers, and books on citizen-based monitoring. Click on the link in the format column for more information; many titles are available for free online.

Great Stories

Title Summary Format
A favor for the 'falcon of sparrows': Nesting box project aids American kestrel Introduction to American Kestrel biology and Madison Audubon’s kestrel monitoring efforts News Article
A first-rate record of participation The proud history of citizen-based monitoring in Wisconsin News Article
As monarchs arrive in their summer ranges, citizen scientists aid in monarch conservation Highlights the national citizen science projects based at the UW-Arboretum News Article
Aurora-chasing citizen scientists help discover a new feature of STEVE Citizen science reports of beautiful light displays in the sky lead to new discoveries News Article
Lend an eye for wildlife In-depth look at the Snapshot Wisconsin trail camera monitoring project News Article
Rare carnivorous sundew found by DNR volunteers while kayaking Account of first Wisconsin sighting of rare sundew plant in 40 years News Article
SciStarter Blog Weekly blog series profiling citizen science projects, volunteers, discoveries, and more News Article
Bat count: A citizen science story Story about bat citizen science for grades K-3 Book
Citizen scientist: Searching for heroes and hope in an age of extinction First-hand look at volunteer efforts to study and protect biodiversity Book
Citizen science: How ordinary people are changing the face of discovery Inspiring stories about citizen science and the volunteers who are moving science forward Book
Diary of a citizen scientist: Chasing tiger beetles and other new ways of engaging the world Personal accounts of experiences with a variety of citizen science projects Book

Research Results

Title Summary Format
Long-term citizen-collected data reveal geographical patterns and temporal trends in lake water clarity Over 80 years of Midwest lake monitoring data reveal trends in water clarity Research Paper and News Article
Monarch tagging: Evaluating the migration mortality hypothesis using monarch tagging data Tagging data support the hypothesis that overwintering monarch numbers are closely correlated with the size of the summer population Research Paper and News Article
Sensory pollutants alter bird phenology and fitness across a continent Data from NestWatch volunteers connects noise and light pollution with songbird reproduction News Article
Tracking dragons: Stable isotopes reveal the annual cycle of a long-distance migratory insect Volunteer data help uncover the 3-generation migration of the common green darner Research Paper and News Article
Using citizen science to describe the prevalence and distribution of tick bite and exposure to tick-borne diseases in the United States Citizen scientists help track tick ranges and presence of disease Research Paper and News Article

Practitioner Resources

Title Summary Format
Citizen science: Public participation in scientific research A collection of papers on creating and managing successful citizen science projects Book
Handbook of citizen science in ecology and conservation Citizen science practitioners, including some from Wisconsin, share instructions and resources for creating and leading citizen science projects Book
The rightful place of science: Citizen science Explores the field of citizen science with a focus on policy and society Book
Citizen science: Theory and practice Peer reviewed, open access journal devoted to the field of citizen science Scientific Journal