Wisconsin Citizen-based Monitoring Network

Citizen-based Monitoring at the Wisconsin DNR

The following is a list of some of the volunteer opportunities at the Wisconsin DNR. Please click the link given for each program for more information.

Bumble Bee Brigade logo
The Bumble Bee Brigade surveys for native bumble bees throughout the state.
Clean Lakes Monitoring Network logo
The Citizen Lake Monitoring Network is a partnership between UW-Extension Lakes, the Wisconsin DNR, and over 1,000 volunteers that collect many types of water quality information on Wisconsin Lakes.
Karner blue butterfly photo
The Karner Volunteer Monitoring Program documents Karner blue butterfly observations throughout the state in order to track population status, distribution and trends.
Rare Plant Monitoring Program logo
The Rare Plant Monitoring Program surveys for rare plants around Wisconsin.
Snapshot Wisconsin logo
Snapshot Wisconsin is a partnership to monitor wildlife year-round, using a statewide network of trail cameras.
Volunteer Carnivore Tracking Program logo
The Volunteer Carnivore Tracking Program surveys the number and distribution of wolves as well as a variety of other mammals.
Water Action Volunteers logo
Water Action Volunteers (WAV) measure six important elements of stream health using scientific tools and techniques and report data to a statewide database.
Wisconsin Bat Program logo
The Wisconsin Bat Program monitors our bat populations through summer roost counts and acoustic detection surveys.
Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative logo
The Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative coordinates statewide surveys for poorly-monitored, secretive bird species such as owls, nightjars, rails, bitterns, and grebes.
Wisconsin Frog and Toad Survey logo
The Wisconsin Frog & Toad Survey documents frog and toad distribution, relative abundance, and population trends in Wisconsin.
Wisconsin Mussel Monitoring Program logo
The Wisconsin Mussel Monitoring Program seeks to provide up-to-date information on the distribution of native freshwater mussels at a statewide level.
Wisconsin Turtle Conservation Program logo
The Wisconsin Turtle Conservation Program aims to document turtle distribution, nesting areas, and road mortality hot spots statewide in order for conservation managers and citizen scientists to utilize data to focus on high priority areas for conservation.